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Using Solar Gard products, we can change the color of your windows to nearly any shade or color to any degree of opaqueness or clarity. We will give you privacy as well as UV protection in your everyday life.

 •  Solar Gard Tints

 •  All Shades Available

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 •  26 Years Of Experience

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Other services include:

Tinting types can be applied to automobiles, including trucks and RVs, with accounts for personal, commercial, and business customers.


We take pride in our work for you and your various tinting needs. Call today to know more about our quality film products and service.

Ask about our lifetime warranty

If you're going to get tinting for your windows, you don't want them to bubble or run over the course of ownership. Our lifetime warranty ensures your satisfaction.

We have 26 years of experience in getting this job done.


Get professional tinting service from your local experts.

Pick a shade of color, and we'll match it for you.

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Vehicle Tinting Options

 •  Light 50%

 •  Medium 35%

 •  Dark 20%

 •  Limo 5%